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The APD service meets a growing market requirement for airport process design and implementation, based on new infrastructure, technology, and emerging relationship changes between airports, airlines, ground handlers and other services.

The technological changes include more direct access by the passenger to the airline and airport functionality and systems, for example via internet applications, self-service devices, and personal hardware (mobile phone, PDA). Increasingly, third parties are providing common technical solutions for airlines, which previously developed independent proprietary systems.

The relationship changes are taking place as airlines redefine their own core missions, concentrating on the profitability of air operations. Passenger processing and related airport functions are now being assessed as services which can be supplied more efficiently by third parties. The drive to reduce airline operating costs is pushing the development of new processes built on the following principles:

- self-service
- lower cost technology
- common processes
- more efficient infrastructure

The realization of the benefits from these changes now requires direct involvement of the airport authority for infrastructure design and coordination of services. The role of the airport is no longer a simple landlord function on behalf of airline tenants who define and provide their own individual processes and systems.

The APD services help the airport community define and build the new processes, systems and infrastructure which gain the most efficiency, service and security.

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